1. Interactive Whiteboards and Their Academic Functionality

    Interactive whiteboard projectors make modernized collaborations and sharing of knowledge in various fields much easier by replacing conventional collaborative techniques. Various international brands are introducing the latest interactive whiteboard types instilled with innovative attributes in each new model. One of the latest series of interactive whiteboard projectors with amazing features is the Promethean Activboard series. It comes with dry-erase writing, multi-touch functionality, and specialized software, all of which provide a highly interactive learning experience for the users.

    Software Packages of Promethean Activboards

    Promethean Activboards have come forward as specialized whiteboards for classrooms since these come along with the software supports including ActivInspire and Classflow technologies. ActivInspire comes loaded with valu

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  2. Would You Use a Touch Screen Monitor?

    Previously, traditional monitors were frequently in use in personal computers for various purposes, but now touch screen monitors are replacing these traditional monitors. Touch screen monitors are way more complicated than the traditional monitors. They have very design and functions. Touch screen monitors are active devices whereas traditional monitors are passive devices. 

    The design of the touch screen monitors is in such a way that they display an information from the PC onto the whiteboard. Moreover, they have to send the information back to the PC, unlike the traditional screen that simply had to display the information. Touch screen monitors send information back to the PC via a USB cable. These innovative monitors have other different features from like resolution, screen size, type of technology they use (IPS, LED, etc.), brightness, numb

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  3. Hitachi Projectors

    How often do we find ourselves in a place where instead of a large screen, a projector replaces it. The many benefits of a projector over a screen make it a viable option to use since spending so much on a screen of the same size would almost make anyone bank corrupt! The Hitachi projectors range from interactive to non-interactive ones and from short throw to ultra-short throw projectors. The entire range of Hitachi projectors are designed keeping in mind the needs of their customers and how different environments require different setups to satisfy the audience. The entire range supports the use of HDMIs as the standard link platform protocol.

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  4. Interactivity, a step towards the future

    StarBoard is a renowned name in the interactive whiteboard market. It offers users an immersive experience unlike any other. Coming with both single and multi-touch capacities, the models come in different screen sizes allowing you to choose the one that meets your requirements the most. StarBoard can also support different operating softwares unlike the rest of its competitors. From Windows to Linux and even IOS, StarBoard interactive whiteboards supports them all. Other noteworthy feature includes its wireless Bluetooth connectivity.

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  5. The New Face of Interactivity: Starboard

    The Starboard is a top of the line interactive whiteboard, which offers an immersive experience with both single and multi-touch capacities. With models consisting of various screen sizes, you can choose exactly the one that meets your requirements. One of the most impressive features that the starboard has to offer is its wide support for operating software. Unlike most other whiteboards, it offers support for windows, Linux and iOS. 

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  6. Hitachi StarBoard LINK EZ2 Interactive System

    Hitachi always has, and will continue to strive for a fully connected world where collaboration is easy and the very reason for headway into a successful future. With equipment like the LINK EZ2 as part of our product range, we plan to keep on working towards our goal of making life easier than ever.
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  7. Hitachi Interactive Whiteboard Usage & Benefits

    The interactive whiteboards by Hitachi have completely revolutionized how students and teacher alike communicate in order to better understand the lesson. The teacher can call upon the students to interact with the whiteboard themselves. The lecturer can sit at the computer, with the student at the whiteboard, and the class offering suggestions and contributing ideas.
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  8. StarBoard Interactive Touchscreen Displays

    StarBoard Interactive Touchscreen Displays are well-known among consumers as being unique combinations of highly demandable specifications, intuitive software solutions, and versatility. Developed with user expectations in mind, these touchscreen displays form the ideal series of products for professionals who love to collaborate.

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  9. Interactive Whiteboards: A Technological Evolution

    Interactive whiteboards have been facilitating us in many ways since they entered the markets. They allow us to collaborate with several others, whom may not be in the same room as us; in real time; and assisted by a multitude of communicative tools. Some benefits of interactive whiteboards are highlighted below briefly.
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  10. Hitachi StarBoard FX-89WE1 Interactive Whiteboard

    The FX-89WEI StarBoard Interactive Whiteboard is an 89" digital whiteboard designed to deliver the most seamless interactive experience in the industry. Gone are the days of pen or stylus driven technology, this revolutionary tech can be operated with a finger, with all movements relayed directly to the surface of the board for a smooth, seamless and comfortable operation and looks and feels like a classic whiteboard! Hitachi 89WE1 is an amazing touch sensitive interactive whiteboard that help make presentations highly dynamic and communicative.

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