Today’s pupils are digital natives, crisp HD images they see on televisions, games consoles, tablets and smart phones is now the standard. Unfortunately, any below standard performance is likely to affect one’s presentation. No matter how superb it’s content, when washed out colors in a bright classroom are presented via a dim lamp, pupil engagement becomes more of a challenge and one’s hard work is not shown in its full glory. The CP-TW3003 interactive projector from Hitachi is specifically designed to enhance the visual experience from the audience to presenters. Whether in a classroom or executive boardroom, the CP-TW3003 is the perfect solution. With 3,300 ANSI lumens brightness and WXGA 1280 x 800 resolution, the CP-TW3003 will captivate the full attention of any audience by delivering one’s message with clarity and impact. Vivid colors. The innovative interactive CP-TW3003 features an ultra-short throw design and integrates Hitachi’s powerful software to deliver a complete interactive experience on any flat surface. With a rich feature set that meets the specific interactive needs of K-12, higher education, and corporate users, the CP-TW3003 is both easy to install and easy to calibrate. It provides vibrant image quality with cost-effective operation and produces large images in small spaces. New generation interactive features include interactive pen, multiple pen capability, auto-calibration, PC-less drawing, and multi-display interactive. Additionally, a suite of advanced features includes High Dynamic Contrast Range (HDCR), 2 HDMI ports, and Hitachi’s original technology that allows the projected image to appear more real by enhancing sharpness, gloss and shade. As with all Hitachi projectors, one can expect vibrant image quality, cost-efficient operation, and long-lasting reliability. Plus, Hitachi’s Intelligent Eco and Saver Modes with ImageCare combines optimal picture performance with energy-savings for a lower total cost of ownership. For added peace of mind, Hitachi CP-TW3003 is also backed by a generous 3-year warranty and our world-class service and support programs. This power packed projector lives up to its hype and delivers what others fail to achieve.