The Hitachi DCHD-5M 5 MP Document Camera allows a presenter or instructor to image documents while giving a presentation and show them live on a projector, digital whiteboard, computer screen, TV, or other type of display. Photos or video from the device can also be recorded, either to a small amount of internal memory or to an SD or SDHC card up to 32GB in capacity. In addition, a USB port allows images to be sent to a computer. The DCHD-5M Document Camera can take still photos at up to 12 megapixels; meanwhile it can record video in up to 1280 x 720 resolution at 30 frames per second. It features a 3x optical zoom lens, with an additional 4x digital zoom. At its widest zoom setting it can capture a working area of 13 x 9.7" in 4:3 mode and an area of 13 x 7.2" in 16:9 mode. An array of LED lights provide illumination of the subject even in a dark room. Using the Starboard presentation and organization software included with the camera one can add annotations in real time, snap stills, and record video with audio. The user can also archive images and video to reuse at a later time. Furthermore, USB video stream can also be picked up by many third-party Internet streaming and video conferencing applications, letting the DCHD-5M act as a webcam for certain applications. The Hitachi StarBoard DCHD-5M Document Camera is the industry leader in document camera market, providing a plethora of features that too with a cost that’s unbelievable, its excellent return on cost and the positive impact on the teaching experience is surely going to bring the excitement back into the classes.