Interactive Whiteboard Vs Smartboard

Learning and digital technology are catching on like wildfire all around the world. With devices like Smart Board and interactive whiteboard with E-learning materials, technology has also taken over the domains of education. With so many various technologies in the market, it may be difficult for decision-makers to determine which SmartBoard or interactive whiteboard is appropriate for their school or company. Let us now attempt to comprehend this.

Here are the fundamentals you'll need to understand before investing in one of these smartboards and interactive whiteboards.

What is a Smartboard?

SmartBoard is a big interactive device with a touch-sensitive display that allows user to draw and write on them, similar to giant, vertically oriented tablets. Smartboards are useful for visualizing projects, annotating photos and diagrams, remote collaboration, and linking to popular apps. A projector or projector access is generally not included with SMARTboards. Users can cast from external devices and connect to applications.

What is an Interactive Whiteboard?

An interactive whiteboard can be a whiteboard or projector that allows students to engage in more hands-on learning. Some of the features of interactive whiteboards are comparable to those of SMARTboards. You may use a pen or marker to draw on interactive whiteboards or even your own device, and everything you write will be preserved. The projector detects where the pen moves and stores whatever is typed with ease. This makes learning enjoyable and simple for both students and teachers.

Difference between Interactive whiteboards and Smartboards

Interactive whiteboards and SMARTboards are both interactive and control your computer. The software is what makes a significant difference. Interactive whiteboards are whiteboards or interactive projectors with touch capabilities, whereas SMARTboards are computer screens that may be blown up through a projector. You have internet connectivity and a system that enables numerous entertaining functions with SMARTboards. The amount of material that can be displayed on some interactive whiteboards is restricted. This is dependent on the kind. The visual quality and resolution are often disparate as well. Another factor to consider before purchasing any projector is the image resolution.

Which is more cost-efficient:

Each one has its own set of logistics that you should be aware of. First and foremost, the cost of each is critical. As one might expect, the total number is certain to vary because there is no set price for each, the total number is certain to vary. However, because SMARTboards are "name brand" devices, you're generally looking at a little more expensive product.

Which is more classroom Friendly:

Another logistical consideration is the location of these smartboards and whiteboards. Some places are better suited to a real screen, while others are better suited to a projector. You should be OK as long as the system can host the smartboard. Projectors and interactive projectors are ideally suited for classes, whereas interactive smartboards may be ideal for a workplace.