Hitachi Starboard FX-89WE2 Interactive Whiteboard

Hitachi Starboard FX-89WE2 Interactive Whiteboard

Hitachi StarBoard FX-DUO 77" Interactive Whiteboard

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  • The surface is robust and the whiteboard works even if there are scratches/dents on the surface
  • A special coating on the duoboard surface minimizes projector reflection making it gentle on eyesight
  • It is possible to use a finger/object in addition to Electronic Pen to operate the whiteboard (two stylus pens are bundled)
  • It is possible to operate the whiteboard using both hands (gestures). Scroll and Zoom-in/Zoom-out are available in StarBoard Software
  • The digitizer is detachable and it is unnecessary to send the whole unit for repairing
  • There are three side buttons and mouse events can be assigned as desired by users. (Optional: FXDUOPEN)

The StarBoard FX Series is our most advanced and popular interactive whiteboard to date. These versatile, high-performance products feature large-format image areas (63", 77" and 82" diagonal), with durable, anti-glare steel-backed projection surfaces for electronic sensing-based writing. With the FX Series, we have introduced a sophisticated new combination of ultrasound and infrared technologies for stylus position sensing and cursor hovering. This not only eliminates the possibility of spurious or accidental "contact" signals during your presentations, but also ensures high-speed, accurate stylus tracking over the entire image area. FX Series whiteboards are available with serial or USB wireless computer interfaces.The complete StarBoard Software suite is included with every FX Series whiteboard. The Hitachi StarBoard FX-77-Duo is a state of the art, durable and user friendly duoboard that has a viewing comfort range from small classrooms all the way up to full featured presentations on a large scale. A coating on the surface keeps projector glare to and absolute minimum, and should the dent resistant unit need any repairs, the digitizer can detach when servicing becomes necessary The versatile DuoBoard is the pen-driven interactive whiteboard that you can also operate with your finger. Its hard surface makes it just about unbreakable and it will take multiple users. This makes it perfect for training, group work and educational games. The DuoBoard also comes with a low-reflection screen for sensitive eyes, dual-hand operation and an electronic pen. Ideas and alterations to designs, draft documentation, sketches, pictures or video clips can be changed during a meeting and alterations saved immediately for distribution. The board can even be linked in real time, so that meeting participants in different locations can participate in a virtual meeting Multi-touch Interaction: Hitachi Software has launched a highly-developed combination of hardware and software that allows for multi-touch interaction with lessons and computer applications. Make your lessons truly interactive by having two students using the StarBoard at the same time. The Latest Generation in Interactive Whiteboard Products The StarBoard FX-77 uses a combination of ultrasound and infrared technology to sense the location of pen type devices near its surface. The surface itself is not an active component and therefore is not prone to any form of degradation or to introduce spurious contact actions into the presentation. The 77 " display area provides a very large image on which to work and provides pinpoint accuracy in running applications and adding comments and annotations to presentations

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Product NameHitachi StarBoard FX-DUO 77" Interactive Whiteboard
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